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Winona Street Speaks Out

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Winona Street in A Lesion of Dissent

Winona Street in A Lesion of Dissent

An Interview with Winona Street

Q: Let me begin with a “thank you”, Winona. You’ve guarded your privacy since retiring from the cinema, so why talk now?

Winona: Because I’m not really the evil person so many here in India think I am. But I’ve never escaped that hated soap opera vixen Paul describes so well in “A Lesion of Dissent”.

Q: In real life, you two had a fling. But you come off as a cold and conniving in the book.

Winona: That’s part of the reason I’m breaking silence. He really just glossed over all those long sex-weekends we spent in Goa.

Q: In the book, there’s mostly some comments about the color of your bikini.

Winona: He ripped it off me once. We were messing around out in the waves about sun-up one morning and he let go of my bottoms when he stripped me. They floated off in the waves somewhere while I was floating off to nirvana.

Q: Sounds like a good scene for the book. Why’s it not in there?

Winona: Well, I’ve always been aggressive sexually. In fact, I can get pretty psycho in bed when I’m going for just an over-the-top orgasm. Paul couldn’t ever handle that very well. He’s one of those guys who wants to be in control and think it’s him getting the job done. Let me tell you – I get mine in bed and if the guy goes along, he gets his, too. It’s not like I’m going to just roll over and light a cigarette.

Q: So he could’ve treated you better in “A Lesion of Dissent”? More like the sex scenes with Carol, maybe?

Winona: If he described the sex we had, really described it, he’d have to show himself up. Those sex scenes with Carol make him look good, but the weekends in Goa were my idea. And we got wild. I wouldn’t have gone back for more weekends if he wasn’t up for the stuff I wanted to do.

Q: Such as what?

Winona: I was exploring the Kama-Sutra. It was the Sixties remember, and I’d had a boyfriend in London when I was fifteen who found a copy in some Indian bookseller’s shop. But it’s hard to get very far into a sex manual when you’re always worrying about your Mom coming home and interrupting the fun.

Q: So did you ever get all the way through it?

Winona: Sure. I was making Paul probably about the middle of the book, which has lots of “woman on top” stuff, before it goes freakazoid. After I married Mohan, we just took our time and browsed. When we found something we really liked, we’d stay on the same pages, for weeks sometimes.

Q: So it’s been “happily ever after” with Mohan?

Winona: Well, that’s a different interview.

Q: Thanks, Winona.

Click image for “A Lesion of Dissent”

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  1. November 7, 2011 at 12:12 pm


    I did write up the scene where your bikini went floating off in the waves, but cut it out of the book out of respect for you and Mohan, and your marriage. Want me to send it to you and see if you’d like that scene in the book? You were hot, no doubt about it.



  2. September 28, 2012 at 10:24 am


    Thanks for e-mailing the sex episode. I think we’ve made some movies with scenes just as hot, so Winona’s fans aren’t going to be put off. Maybe it will even spur some new demand for some of the old titles. Remember “Tryst and Shout at Khajuraho”? Even Winona blushes when we crank that one up.



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